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The following are a few video clips from past John Pizzarelli appearances on television and in concert optimized for low speed, dial-up internet access. Please note that the video and audio quality of these clips is MUCH lower than the clips on the Main Clips Page. As a result, I would try to view the videos on that page first, even if you have a dial-up connection. However, if you simply have too much trouble with the standard clips, this page will at least give you the ability to see the videos albeit in relatively poor quality.

This clip is from a Johnny Mercer tribute concert first aired on PBS in 1997. In this segment John reflects on the personal relevence of Mercer's lyrics to I Thought About You

The final performance on the Johnny Mercer tribute included all the guests singing a chorus of Mercer's reflective and beautiful, When the World Was Young. This clip represents John's turn on the tune.

Here's another clip from the Johnny Mercer tribute. This one's a short segment of the Trio performing Jeepers Creepers. The image below is the transition from Willard Scott's introduction to the Trio's performance.

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